eMail Marketing

Email has long been regarded as a cheap, fast and easy way to push a marketing message out. Times have changed. Mass-distribution of irrelevant and poorly targeted email content is no longer acceptable. As your consumers grow increasingly resistant to untimely, irrelevant and uninteresting emails choking their inboxes, the challenge is to move towards an email solution which allows you to use multiple channels, re-use existing creative assets and integrates with your website content – all while incorporating the ability to monitor, measure and refine campaigns in real time. Marketers need to produce engaging content with compelling creative delivered at the right time, all with an eye on data security and compliance.

iMarkAgency’s Collaborative Service Offerings provides a number of services delivered by the Managed Services Consultancy team that addresses all of the pain points for email marketing. Services include Campaign Management, Social Media, Data Analytics and Insight, Strategy, Development, and Delivery to help you achieve your marketing goals. Our Collaboratives Services can help you fully leverage the power of iNtelliMail Pro, our top tier email platform, to understand your customers within your marketing initiatives. The application is fully integrated with our Analytics, Web and Social Media tools to provide a view of the individual customer.

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